Ricven Waveharp

A druid from thornwood forest. previousely mentored by Herschel Gobinmyer a local druid in crystal shores.


Character: Ricven Waveharp
Player’s Name: Moroni Watson
Align: Neutral
Race: Human
Class: Druid
Level: One
Homeland: Thornwood- glade
Family: Waveharp
Sex: Male
Age: 18 ( Maximum of 105)
Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 170
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Green
Handedness: Left
social Class: Middle Class
Birth rank: First Born
Number of Siblings: 0
15 Str,
12 Dex,
12 Con,
14 Int,
16 Wis,
18 Chr,


I am Ricven, a druid from the Thornwood forest. It is my sworn duty by the council of the druids to watch over and protect the Thornwood’s, one of the largest forests in the Longlades. These have been my home for most of my life, after my mother and father; adventures from Thornwood went missing and are presumably dead. This is my story.
Here, in Thornwood, my mother was adventuring with a party of Adventurers. My mother was having a tough time because a fellow adventurer, the man she loved, had fallen ill under a curse. It was a very strong magical curse that could only be healed by extreme magical power. As the groups healer was not a very strong healer he could not get the job done. My mother thought my father was a goner.
On the adventurers way back to my father’s hometown in haven road they met an oracle. She called herself “The Oracle of Malatia.”
The oracle was a barren lady, which obviously meant that she would never be able to have children of her own. So she sought to try to strike up a deal with any adventurers coming through her land, to give her their first born child. My mother fell right for her scheming.
The oracle seeing that my father was on his death bed, and my mother loved him, made a plan. She would tell my mother that she would save my father, for she (the oracle) alone had the power to save him. And after she accepted the Oracle would simply say that in return her first born child was to be hers. My mother had no choice. She went for the deal all too fast, in an attempt to save my father.
My father was healed by the Oracle and five months later my mother and father were wed in the local church in Haven road. They were having a happy stress free life together when I rolled around.
My mother and father were so excited that they would finally have a child that they totally forgot about the oracle and my mother’s promise. When the oracle came to collect her dues, all was lost. My mother fled their home to seek refuge from the Oracle on my father’s orders. My father stayed to fight her. I was told he was a strong, brave man.
The Investigators quickly found the lifeless body of The Oracle of Malatia. A pile of blood stained tattered clothing, and broken bones. They never found my father.
My mother had a long journey ahead of her. It was mid-winter and she was beaten and ravaged when she entered The Inn of The Wasp in Crystal Shores. There she met Herschel a fairly young, tall and handsome local druid.
She was on the verge of death and gave me to him. I was now his responsibility to protect. He offered him a place in his home from the hard winds and snow storms but she said she had some where to be. She said something along the lines of this. “Please druid. Take care of my son. His name is Ricven and he needs special care. I can no longer care for him. I have a special person whom I think I need to meet in the clouds.” We never saw my mother again.
I lived out a happy childhood with Herschel as my guardian. He trained me in his ways of druidry and magic. He taught me how to care for plants and animals of the forest and why they are important. I learned quicker than most students, training for only 15 years, instead of the normal 19. I was a natural at it, of course. (Ha you see what I did there with the natural thing?). I moved out from his house to protect a nearby forest unoccupied by a druid, The Thornwood, my mother and father’s home.
This brings us to now. It is my sacred mission to protect the Thornwood from evil, but lately a plague has spread across the land causing me to come out of my forest to rid whatever evil has been set upon the land.

Ricven Waveharp

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