Mariak Darkeyes

Colby's PC.


Human fighter.
17 years old. Black hair, Hazel eyes.
6ft tall.


Mariak was the firstborn of a humble family in the small farming settlement of FenMoore.
Until it was raided and destroyed by ‘hundreds’ of goblinoid creatures. He fled possibly being the last survivor of FenMoore taking with him a simple farming scythe for protection and a meager ten pieces of gold which were his family’s entire life’s savings. He has since been traveling alone to the closest safe haven of which he knows, Crystal Shores. When he arrived he met, and joined the carivan of other heroes. Throughout encounters he scavenges things which will be of use to him since he has no living friends or family currently whom he can rely on. Currently he only travels with the carivan for safety since he has no real relationship with any of the other party members. He is resourceful for inventing ways to create things he cannot afford, f. e. in the last encounter with the carrion crawlers he pried their shells from their bodies to form a sort of arm and shin guards with sharpened tips for combat scenarios. He also has an affinity for fire, strangely enough. He is FenMoore’s last survivor, and he is determined to keep it that way.

Mariak Darkeyes

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