Holden Darkeyes

A crafty priest of Mask, cunning and agile he has pursued the art of thieving in honor of his patriarch


Holden’s family were nomads living by caravan on the outskirts of Shadowspar for most of his life. Living so close to the capital took a toll on him in more ways than one. Exposed to treacherous deception, armed robbery, and even murderers and rapists, he had a jaded view of humanity by the time he took up his first weapon.

He worked as a pick pocket in his youth, a sell sword in his adolescence, and then found the priesthood of Mask when he entered into adulthood.

The clergy of Mask was abolished by the Death Knights of Shadowspar and their vaults were turned over in an effort to locate five keys. Holden escaped the cathedral with his life and one of these five keys. His family escaped to the outlands and settled in Fenmoore, a rural farming community.

Holden Darkeyes

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