Adventures in Shadowspar

The Murky Crystal Shores

The First Encounters

Cruian Hathers is a traveling merchant who accepts travelers upon his caravans at no cost to them, save for the promise of aid in the event of an armed conflict on the roads. Arthur Tallow is the caravan guard captain, he and his subordinates protect his four carts, teamsters, and any travelers who join his entourage. Some of the travelers Cruian and his caravan have encountered are the Player Characters listed below.

  • Nephi’s PC – Shven Homeforger joined the caravan seeking the lure of a powerful enchanted item and has since revealed aloud the item he seeks is called the “Eye of the Sky”
  • Valerie’s PC – Ali Lightfoot joined the caravan with her own cart and donkey seeking adventure and the intrigue of life on the road.
  • Jack’s PC – Zarot Axemage was rescued from near death at the overturn ambush site of a felled caravan. He is an amnesiac and has only displayed an interest in his own self preservaton and vice for ale.
  • Moroni’s PC – Ricven Waveharn encountered the party during the ambush at Boltac’s Trading post and has traveled with them to his mentor’s haven at Crystal Shores, he seeks to solve the illness that plagues the countryside.
  • Colby’s PC – Mariak Darkeyes fled his settlement of Fen Moor for the haven of Crystal Shores he encounted the party at the north entrance to the village and has been traveling with them since. His motivations to date have been for self preservation.
  • Kelly’s PC – Kaveril Shieldheart Paladin of Helm has come to the thorpe of Crystal Shores on a quest to solve the afflictions of the outland villages. He is determined to solve the mysterious illness in the village and to this end has cooperated with the party members.


The Party has gathered and been introduced to one another for the first time. There are a variety of both creeds and races that have found themselves crossing in the small settlement of Crystal Shores. Crystal Shores is a fishing community with a few other trade businesses of note. Since the parties arrival they have encountered a few of the town’s citizens.

  • Enaldi Grynie is the Tavern Keeper at the Inn of the Wasp. Jack’s Player Character Zarot sampled the Wasp’s Sting, the strongest ale in town.
  • Vilan Deathmar the Matisse Barbabarian turned Leather Worker. Jack’s Player Character Zarot Axemage had Vilan mend his armor and commissioned a baldric be made for him that could support an Orcish Double Axe.
  • Herschel Gobinmyer is the Local Druid and has a farmer’s Green Thumb. He is the mentor and tutor to Moroni’s Player Character Ricven Waveharn.
  • Cardon Dragone is the Boat Wright. The Boat Wright was gruff and rude to the group, dismissing them as trouble makers almost outright.
  • Baduk Soderman the Woodworking Craftsman and Carpenter. He responded positively to Kelly’s Player Character Kaveril Shieldheart. He also said he would investigate the crafting of Wooden Armor for Ricven.
  • Sathe Lidorn, his wife Beefa and daughter Lido work the Inn of the Blushing Trout. They were most gracious for the aid of Valerie and Kelly’s Player Characters Ali Lightfoot and Kaveril Shieldheart.

The party was able to gather a collection of informative facts from the townsfolk about a spreading plague in the community. As it turns out the community blames a party of four adventurers that passed through the community headed north towards Mont Du Plat to the North. After their arrival and departure the townspeople began to grow sick with an illness, one that has taken the lives of two men already.

Zeb and Trigo were a human fisherman and a dwarven sapper who went mad from the sickness and atacked a local named Aslan and his wife and children at the Inn of the Wasp. Vilan and Aslan killed the men and a funeral pyre stands at the north side of town where their bodies were burned, to stop the spread of the infection.

Herschel has encouraged his apprentice Ricven and Nephi’s Player Character Shven Homeforger to investigate the cause of the sickness which has as he speculates spread to the animal population as well. They are sleeping in his guestroom for the night.

Ali Lightfoot, Kaveril Shieldheart, Zarot Axemage, and Mariak Darkeyes are staying the night at the Blushing Trout. Cruian, his teamsters Billup and Andey, as well as Arthur and Henry the last of the caravan guards, are staying with their caravans in the stables at the Inn of the Wasp. The game will resume play on the following morning.



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