Adventures in Shadowspar

Reaching Mont Du Plat

The Party awoke the next day at the inn of the blushing trout. The Inn Keeper Sathe, his wife Beefa, and their daughter Lido had succumbed to the plague and turned on their patrons. The party decided to spare the lives of the family, electing instead to wrestle them to the ground and place them in restraints.

Afterwards Ali Lightfoot and Shven Homeforger collaborated with Wider the Priest, and Vilan the Leatherworker to conduct door checks throughout the village to ensure that the disease had not claimed any of the other townsfolk. Herschel and Ricven helped the rest of the party resupply at his cabin where each of them were equipped with up to one week of dry rations and full wineskins.

Three more afflicted were found at the Tavern of the Cracked Mug during the sweep of Crystal Shores. Moosecavelli the Tavern owner and two of his drinking buddies Krestoff and Tern had reached the final stages of the disease and attacked the party. Vilan took wounds but the party prevailed killing all but the Tavern Owner. Able to wrestle Moosecavelli into restraints, the party gagged him and transported him to the temple to be kept watch over.


The death of the fishermen brothers, Krestoff and Tern, would surely be frowned upon by the villagers. To avoid conflict Wider and Herschel bade the PC’s to leave the town whether for aid or naught. Herschel charged Ricven with the task of exploring the northern settlement of Mont Du Plat for answers to the plague. The other PC’s agreed unanimously to aid him in this task.

The travel to Mont Du Plat was only one half day along a well beaten path. Along the way Ali Lightfoot was able to shoot a squirrel for food.

Upon arriving at the foot of Mont Du Plat it was observed the town was barren and abandoned. The buildings are in shambles and disrepair. Ali’s tracking skills suggest that the only travel along the main roads were by a group of horses that left tracks on the road to the old fort.

Ali was able to determine that the tracks were a few weeks old placed in the path during the last rainfall, just shy of one month ago.

Kaveril and Ali have decided to investigate the ruins proper.

Shven, Mariak, and Ricven are exploring the outskirts of the settlement.

At Current Shven and Mariak are in a small farmhouse, (building #1) they have felled three plague victims consisting of a husband, wife, and child.

Kaveril and Ali are approaching the Entrance to the Mont Du Plat Keep Ruins.

Ricven used animal friendship on stray white wolf picking it’s way through the ruins of a hovel along the village exterior (building #3).

Ricven is creeping up the stairs to the “sleeping quarters” of the Inn of the Skeleton (building #2).



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